Which Mobile Chip ?

Im looking for a notebook now. For work and stuff.

My Choose:

Pentium 4
- Fast
- Eats Battery Fast
- Cheap

Mobile Celeron
- Slow
- Okay Battery life
- Cheap

Pentium 4m
- Fast
- Okay battery life
- Moderate Price

Pentium M
- Fast
- Great Battery Life
- Costly

Mobile Athlon XP
- Fast
- Okay Battery life
- Cheap


Now im dunno what i want. Im liking the Pentium M from what ppl are saying.

Or should i wait for Dothan and the Mobile Athlon 64.

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  1. I use a couple of different laptops at work.

    I have a 1800+ and a 2200+mobile. The 1800+ runs good, BUT your right it eats the batteries fast. I think the best batter life I have ever gotten is about 1.5hours. Also something you different have listed is heat. The 1800+ runs very hot, sometimes to the point of shutting down the pc.

    The 2200+m runs great. I have never had a problem with it. Heat is never an issue, and batter life is about 3-3.5 hours.

    I haven't used a Pentium mobile so I can't help you there. I would stay away from the Cele, Pentium, and the XP. Get either the Pentium mobile or XP mobile and I thing you will be happy. Also get the fasted harddrive and RAM you can afford, those are usually the bottle necks for laptops.

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  2. Stay away from Desktop Pentium 4 based laptops and mobile Celerons.

    Go for Pentium-M, if you have the money. Otherwise get a Pentium 4-M or Athlon XP-M based laptop

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