What are some good headphones/headsets for gaming/listening to music?

I will be doing a lot of both. Around the $30-$80 range preferably.
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    if you want the absolute best for music then you want a pair of studio headphones.

    as for gaming, some people prefer surround sound headphones for games but i've used high quality stereo headphones and found them to be perfectly suitable.

    a very highly recommended pair of studio headphones on the internet are the "Audio-Technica ATH-M50" which should be available online between $80-130. i own this pair myself and they are truely awsome. they have a low enough resistance that they can be powered by a pc or music player headphone port although if you're an audiophile you could always use a portable amp.


    i was headphone shopping awhile back (although in the $60-150 range) and i was severely dissapointed in all of the budget options available.

    most of the headphones for music were either bass-heavy (distorted) or had virtually no bass at all.

    i didnt look into surround sound gaming headsets but keep in mind that they will be using multiple cheaper drivers instead of one good pair of drivers. i would definitely gander that sound quality is inferior.


    i would very highly suggest at the very least looking into this pair of headphones. i ended up paying more for mine (about $140) as i got them at a local retail store instead of online (guitarcenter).
  2. I looked up the Audio-Technica ATH-M50 and couldn't find any cheaper than $140. Aside from that, what's the difference between gaming headphones/headsets and ones built for music? Wouldn't I be just fine gaming with headphones/headsets built for music?
  3. As for the price range i used google shopping for results.

    Gaming headsets include a mic. Gaming headphones may use many cheaper drivers for surround sound.

    Yes you can use music headphones for gaming. Even with only stereo you can determine direction from side, ptch and volume.

    Up to you to decide but after using studio phones anything else sounds like crud.
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  5. For a good all around amplified headset, perfect for gaming and music and movies like-wise; I would go with the Turtle Beach Ear Force X11. Offers many features and won't hurt yoour wallet for sure. Excellent sound quality and crystal clear mic. Check out it's review @
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