How can i recording my analog data in my digital development board ?

my question is that
i need to receive analog RGB data from a spectrum with vga adapter (my mission is to recording it)
my teacher told my somehow to convert it to digital.
I don't know with what converter to use that help me to transfer the data into cyclone 2?
i have some inputs in there, it's I/O inputs . there's any suggestion how can i do it? some friend told me to use vga to dvi converter (and use wire up with specific pins RGB that i need in digital and connected it to the I/O connector in the development board)
it sounds a lil bit complicated any other suggestion would help me to make easier solution?
however, I need to put the dvi connector in the wire wrap board how do i do it?

I would be grateful for any help!!!

(p.s i dont speak very well english )
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  1. i have a development board belongs to altera and called cyclone 2 (some more info -
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