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Hi, a week ago I bought a Sony Vaio VPCF115FGB, its a great laptop, apart from an annoying noise that originating from the left side of the machine. I think this noise may be the processor fan because I can hear it when it spins up when I start doing spomething intensive, but when I am idleing for just web surfing, it makes a sort of whirring/whining noise, which gets quite annoying when sitting in front of it in a semi quiet room, its mildly audible over a tv or music playing on the laptop. Its not a grinding sound or anything, just a whirring.

My question is if this is just the fan doing the thing its supposed to in this laptop or if I should take it back before the week is up for a refund?
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  1. After doing a cursory search, I cannot find anything related to fan noise issues with that particular model. Chances are that it isn't a problem, i.e. sony used a cheap fan with it. However, if it seems to be concerning, I'd take it back and try another to be safe. If a new one does the same thing, at least you know it is common and won't be an issue if you choose to stick with that particular model.

    On a side note, you can take a look at reviews of it on newegg or tigerdirect and see if anyone else has said the same thing.
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