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Reliable Small InkJet Printer? Suggestions?

Hi there, im looking for a small reliable ink jet printer, something that will fit in a rather small space, the smaller the better, price im hoping will be under $80 -- but if not post a link anyway or a brand/model anything that you've had good experience with, i dont need a multi function one as those are kinda big and bulky, but if you want to suggest one feel free and ill take a look at it along with its dimensions.

I just dont want to get a printer and have it go belly up again, my last one was a HP PSC 2170 all in one and it just continues to say paper jam over and over when there is NO paper jam, new fresh cartriges, a full cleaning with alcohol and canned air.. Something else must be wrong with it like a sensor, as im unable to locate the paper photo sensor.

Thanks for any and all help/suggestions
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  1. I'm afraid that I have no confidence in recent inkjet technology.

    The problem (as I see it) is that in search of higher resolutions, the designs have pushed beyond the reliable limits of the science. Put simply, smaller holes through which the ink has to pass.

    Then there's the highway robbery price of cartridges and spurious microchips embedded in them to force you to throw them away with ink remaining and not to use third party supplies.

    And because the printers are almost given away (because the money's in selling you ink) the build quality quality suffers and you get basic mechanical malfunctions (as you've discovered).

    Seriously, a laser printer will work every time, even when you've put it in a cupboard for a year. And the cartridges last for years in average domestic use.
  2. I have no experience with laser printers really, dont they need toner or something, is that like a ink cartridge? What sort of small laser printer would you suggest?
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    Toner cartridges cost more than an inkjet refill but print many more pages and seldom fail.

    A new laser printer may come with a 'demo' cartridge installed which won't last so long (the makers are being stupidly mean because the toner doubtless costs less than the cartridge casing) but even this will impress you compared with inkjet.

    There's some extra purchase cost on a colour laser printer and I think the makers charge more for the refills. Perhaps that is because they cost more to make than generic black toner but maybe just because they can get away with it when compared to the silly price of colour inkjet catridges.

    I must say right away that laser colour is not as good as a good colour inkjet.

    I would recommend looking at small laser printers by Brother, Samsung -- but also Kyocera-Mita, Canon, Epson.
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