Are there DVR boxes for satellite you can buy w/o monthly fees?

Ok say you were getting directtv or dish network(havent decided which one yet). Is there a DVR box you can buy instead of paying the monthly fee. I think the monthly fee is retarded, you end up paying $1000+ for a box (depending how many years you keep the service, and I know people who have had their box for 5+ years) that only costs 100 or less to make. Never was a big fan of leasing as you always end up paying for it over time. Also what is a good brand and where do you buy them from?

I have an old computer I can just buy a TV tuner but instead of running that 24/7 I'm looking to see how much DVR boxes cost.
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  1. About all you can do is check in with DirecTV's TIVO box. You cannot purchase a DVR box for cable or satellite (other than TiVo's life time purchase for $499).

    -Wolf sends
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