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what is the difference between full 3d and 3d ready tvs.
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  1. Full 3D references active sets that come with glasses, and an emitter, or a Passive Polarized 3D system. 3D ready references Active sets that still require an additional 3D kit, 3D ready sets are normally cheaper, and are a good way to get into 3D, and add the kit later.
  2. It is definitely better to just get a 3D TV. I don't think I have seen lately 3D Ready TVs. I have purchased two 3D TVs, Active and Passive. One from Samsung (Active) and one from LG (Passive), and honestly I am not really liking the Samsung Active 3D. The flickering drives me crazy and the charging of the glasses gets really aggravating. Save yourself the trouble and avoid Active 3D at all costs.
  3. Charging a headset when i'm done using it truly ruins my day. Sometimes i just can't deal with it. I just refuse to get out of bed, and call in sick. LG also paid me to say their passive sets are the bomb diggity. They also said they have a dual core processor, and their "SMART TV" technology is way better than the toaster.
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