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I have a net mini disc recorder/player I bought in Greece before I bought my first pc. I lost the software disc that came with it. Now my enquiry is can I transfer music from my md to pc, and how do I do it?
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  1. You can connect the audio output from the player to the audio input on the PC. How you do this will depend on the outputs you have from the player and the inputs on the PC. You will certainly have analog left right out and ins. You can use freeware such as Audacity to record and edit. Be sure to save as lossless wav or flac files as these will not be lower in quality than the original. You can then convert to make an mp3 copy if you need to.
  2. Hi there sony is to Kill off the MD I just don't get it they have the Hi MD that could be put into a full size unit & sold to the public, people that don't like the crap MP3 format & are after true digital music use the minidisc to make there own albums plus with a Ipod when you do a format you lose everything yet you don't have this problem with the MD, MD has to be the best thing that came out the 1990s & on ebay people are going nuts for MD recorders, we are not all into little stupid tin boxes that sound rubbish some of us like to have a true HiFi system & want the best recording format, sony need to start making the top end of Minidisc Recorder's after all the CD is not dead & make's up 100% of music sales download 50%, they did this to Records but now the old LP has made a big come back so why kill off the best format to come out the 90s after all it's easy to record onto if you go wrong it's easy to edit the disc unlike CD-R
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