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Looking into getting a tv. All these choices are 32" LED 1080p with 1920x1080 resolution.

This link is already in compare with 2 tvs, my question on this is why would someone pay that much more for the second tv when by all looks it is the same specs?

A couple others i was looking at, are these;

those are basically from what i can tell the cheapest, with still having the best specs available, from each store
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    In response to your question regarding the comparison of the two television sets, Samsung TV's cost more simply for the brand name reliability. The picture quality and features, along with the customer service, are better in the case of the Samsung set, but that can be sacrificed for the lower cost of the Seiki. I would recommend the UN32EH5300; its Smart TV features, picture quality, and refresh rate are all excellent for the cost. You should also take a look at other stores to assure that these prices are the lowest. Good luck!
  2. Any chance you can throw out some ideas of where to look? I used google shopping, and they are all the same price except for two-, which looks fake/unreliable to me, and one that im on the fence about wether to trust or not, is Tommy Surya Electronics (both are going for less then 300, where as everywhere else is 450+)

    tommy link-

    Also to note maybe, this is for a computer, not conventional tv
  3. I think samsung would be the safe choice. I've never heard of the other two.
  4. Well, sounds like a conclusion then. Not only is it samsung, but at sears my fiance works there and can get a slight discount
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  6. Sears seems like a fairly safe bet then; enjoy your new Samsung!
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