How much longer will AMD make Socket A?

I need to build a new computer soon. I would really like to get an Athlon64, but right now they are a bit too expensive. I could get a Barton 3000+ for about $300 less than an Athlon64 system, and it will have all the performance I need. But, I would really like to keep upgradeability in mind. Does anyone know exactly how much longer AMD will be producing Socket A chips, and how today's motherboards will remain usable? Also, any word on upcoming price cuts on the Athlon64 or release of new speeds (as new speed releases usually result in price cuts for the older models)?

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  1. Here it goes ...

    AMD will keep producing Athlon XPs until Q3 2004. In Q3 they will stop production of all SocketA Athlon XPs. On the other hand, because you mentioned upgradeability, don't expect any newer Athlon XPs appearing beyond the 3200+ PR ... ever! That's the end of the line, no speed increases will be released by AMD, they will just keep producing the (existing) CPUs for about one more year. So, the mobo you will buy today will not be usable in a year from now since no upgrades, except of course the Barton 3200+ will be available.

    About the Athlon 64, there won't be any upcoming price cuts, at least until Q1 2004. Maybe then, we will see the price of these chips coming down but not before that.

    My suggestion is this. If you absolutely need to buy a system now, buy a Barton 2500+, a cheap nForce2 board (like the Epox 8RDA+) and PC3200 memory. This way you can overclock your CPU to 3000+ speeds easily (probably more) and you will spend only about $200. This is what I have now and I don't see any reason upgrading until Christmas next year. The way I see it, right now is the worse time for someone buying a new PC, because <b>whatever</b> he buys it will be updated in a few months. New processors are just around the corner from both AMD/Intel, PCI Express, maybe BTX and DDR2. The way things are going, everything you buy today (and I mean CPU, motherboard, memory, video card .. even your case) will be outdated in about a year from now.

    I hope this helps a bit in your final decision!
  2. I agree with Pitsi. I don't really see the point of getting a 3000+ barton now if you need to buy a new MB as well. If a 3000+ has all the power you will need, then wouldnt a 2500+ have it too, especially with a mild overclock ? Either shoot for the highend, bite the bullet and pay up that $400 for a A64 for ultimate performance and upgradeablilty, or get somthing that just fits the bill for a low price, and there you can't go wrong with a 2500+ IMHO.

    Another option, wait a bit, I heard AMD would also release 1.8 GHz 2800+ Athlon 64's; assuming these will be avaible for around ~$250, these may give you the best of both worlds

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  3. Another idea Wait untel after the Holidays the chip prices will drop. And the 3000+ or 3200+ will be cheaper. By this time Intel should have there chip out too so that might make amd drop there prices also on the Athlon64.
  4. I was expecting the Athlon 64 3400+ (2.2 gig) processor in mid november, but if Intel is jamed up, Amd may wait on it. Dont know how much this will affect prices though, as the 64 3200+ is already cheaper than the barton 3200+.
  5. Right now I have a TBird 1333 on an nForce 1 motherboard, 266 FSB. I'm thinking that I might try to get the thing to run at 333 FSB and get a 2800+ or something, and a Radeon 9700. I have an extra ECS K7S5A motherboard lying around that I can reuse for the TBird. Then, I can just buy a few more parts (case, PSU, etc.) and reuse some more. This will give me a new fast computer for main use, and a slower one that can do most anything I need it to. But, if I can't get this to work at 333 FSB, I'll need to do something else.

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  6. Which nForce1 board do you have? I have heard of the A7N266-C hitting a 166MHz FSB without problems. But then again, your mileage may vary. If you can't get that FSB speed, I think the 2600+ (266FSB) would be a fine upgrade from the T-bird, IMO.

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  7. Yes, I have the A7N266-C. Even staying at 266 FSB I can upgrade to a 2.0 GHz XP 2400+, which would still be a lot faster than what I have. I'd really like to get a Barton core though, at 333 FSB. Maybe I'll buy a Barton 2500+ and some DDR 400 RAM, try to run at 166 FSB, and see what happens. If it doesn't work I'll just buy another motherboard.

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  8. From what I've been reading, that A7N266-C seems to OC around 172 ~ 175MHz on the FSB and has an AGP/PCI lock. So you might be in luck. Although I'm sure you're going to be very very tempted to get an nForce2 for the higher bus speeds.

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