Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 920 red gun failing

My trusty 10 year old Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 920 loses its red gun periodically, giving a blue tint. A healthy slap on the casing sometimes fixes it. Could it be a failing solder joint, or is it the electron gun failing do you think? It's not the cable connectors. I opened it up and cleaned out the dust, and worked all the connectors I could remove to clean the contacts.

Thanks, Bruce
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  1. While I wouldn't dream of buying a flatscreen TV, I can't get too sentimental about watt-gobbling, space-hungry CRT monitors. Even nicest ones like Mits -- and I've had a few.
  2. Strange logic, I've got a great flat screen Panasonic plasma which blows away my old Sony Trintron TV. On the other hand, unless you spend a lot on a high-end TFT, I've yet to see one that beats the natural detail of my old Diamond Pro. I'm mainly photo editing, and hate the crude, stepped pixels on most cheapo panels.

    Looks like the end is night though...
  3. Takes all sorts.

    TV doesn't interest me very much but I have to say what I've seen of flatscreen TVs in showrooms was mainly notable for their awfulness compared to a 24inch Trinitron. I was not impressed when a football visibly faltered on its progress across the pitch. Or the obvious artefacts visible on many. I guess they weren't adjusted properly.

    I must admit I keep a Sony 19 inch CRT next to my flatbed scanner. Mainly through inertia -- the prospect of carrying it down 4 flights of stairs out to the trash. My excuse being that there's not much else on the table and I only use that computer once or twice a week.
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