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I heard LG launched a new campaign in India recently. What is it about?
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  1. I have actually heard about this as well. I have been a big fan of LG Electronics and Facebook has opened a campaign page for India. If you go to Facebook and look up LG India, there is more information on it.
  2. The campaign is called WR and it's about World Record. LG has come out with products that hold World Records and this campaign will present them. Also they use characters to talk about these products, who are called WR man. To give you an example, they came out with the World's largest OLED TV.
  3. Its the World Record campaign. There are several different character persona's in order to help out with the LG products. You should check out their facebook page.
  4. LG decided to release a campaign in order to set records. I heard that there are many different characters suited for the consumer in order to help out people with their questions.
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