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I have a Epson Stylus C82 I have had stored for a year or so with ink cartrages in.
I have run head cleaner several times, also changed out the ink cartrages to new ones and did several more head cleanings. I still can't get it to print.
Is there a another way to clean the heads?
The printer worked great before I stored it, can I get it back???
If someone Knows please let me know what to do. I can't afford even a new printer at this time.

Thank You
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  1. Cursed if you do. Cursed if you don't.

    If you use an inkjet printer too much you get skinned on cartridge prices. Use it too little and the cartridges dry up. Or perhaps in your case, the ink sets solid in the printhead.

    It may not be economic to service the printer, but it's worth asking a friendly local dealer.

    If the outcome is what I suspect you may have to buy a replacement printer.

    If I'd had this experience (and I seem to recall similarly awful but different bad experiences with inkjet) I'd look for a better solution.

    Right now I use a couple of laser printers which I found dumped by businesses and which are still running on the cartridges left in them. I have another sitting in a cupboard unused, secure in the knowledge that when I need it, even a year hence, it'll probably work instantly and perfectly.

    You can buy a new mono laser for less than $100 and colour for about twice that (?).
  2. Thank You for your reply.
    I thought Thats how it would end up. Another Question for you.
    Dose Alcohol damage the print head? I thought I would try to use that to flush the print head.

    Thanks Agian.
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