Random popups in XP????

I have been getting random pop-up ads lately that have been booting me out of DAoC... I have nothing else running and do NOT have any ad-ware on my computer.... First time it was some porn show thing, and this time someone selling long distance... I have never seen anything like this before... is this some kind of security issue with Windows XP? The ads are directed right at my IP address and look like a chat dialogue.... How can I fix this problem? I don't even have Active X enabled on my browser cuzz of some of this sheit web masters are pulling these days... but I am dumbfounded at this.. the first time it happened I freaked out but wrote it off as a random occurrence.. but it is getting ANNOYING.....

Here is part of what the last pop-up says...
"Message from TELEWRX to on 9/17/2002 9:01:05 PM


Unlimited long distance calling has finally arrived!
...blah blah blah (editing)
then at the bottom is and OK button....

What is REALLY bugging me is it is being sent to my IP address..... what the HELL is this sh*t????

I have no Adware installed on my computer and this reformat is less than 2 weeks old... here is a list of every program that is on my computer....

Photoshop 6.0
Battlefield 1942 Demo
Hitman 2 Demo
Gamespy Arcade (this is a new install, happened before this was installed)
Logitech Mouseware
3D Mark 2001 SE
Dark Age of Camelot
SOYO Hardware Monitor (my motherboard monitor, happened before this motherboard)
Warcraft 3
Winamp 3
Acrobat Reader 5.0
and the standard windows stuff (IE, Outlook, etc)

Also, I have spoke to someone else who is running their internet through a full router/firewall setup unlike my straight up hub network, and she has been getting the same exact thing.....
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  1. Some Firewall/hubs aren't actally firewalls at all, they merely use a different IP address than you're real one. But when you hit spam sites you give your real one away. Also if you're always connected it never changes. Get a real firewall. Unfortunately my brother has the same problem and alot of real firewalls aren't compatible with his router so be careful.

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  2. I think I discovered the culprit.... went into Administrative tools > Services > and disabled "Messenger"... apparently XP uses the "Messenger" to send you system alerts of some kind... however Microsoft seems to have overlooked the fact that this could be abused by advertising companies.... I don't believe this (ok well I DO believe it, but I don't WANT to)

    As far as the firewall.. as I mentioned, I know someone getting the same exact problems with her computers.. and she is running a "real" hardware firewall, via a router.
  3. If the above method doesn't work, go to <b>Start > Run</b> and type in <b>msconfig</b>, under <b>Startup</b>, see if any weird stuff are loaded.

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  4. Try ZoneAlarem. It is a software firewall, but it will allow you to block messenger and any other software unless you give it permission to access the net.

    My thoughts on MS (Messed up Sofsware) XP Mesenger would get me kicked ... so I won't go there.

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