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Default mail client

how do I install default mail client
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  1. What is the mail client that you wish to use?
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    I would recommend you check out: Email client - Wikipedia, there you got some to choose from.
  3. Which operation system, if for win 7 then

    (1) Download windows live mail (uSoft trying to push web based email and programs)
    (2) do a google search for "Free email programs" There are several

    (3) There is a method to copy your Vista "Window Mail" directory to windows 7

    (4) if you have microsoft office 2007 (not sure about 2003), you can use outlook.
  4. The two email clients that seem to be most popular for Windows 7 are:

    Windows Live Mail:

    I use Thunderbird and have been quite happy with it. I'm still adjusting to the tabbed interface in version 3 (I keep accidentally closing the window!), but I really like it.
  5. If you have vista, you can port "Win Mail" over to Win 7. Slight pain in the Butt. I just did it last night to my wife's new build. She HATES anything different than what she was using.
  6. Matan Eldan said:
    What is the mail client that you wish to use?

    yahoo mail
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