Asus g73JH a1 smelled burn!!


Got a new Asus g73JH a1 with the latest ATI Radeon 5870 HD mobility, spectacular 17 inch Full HD led monitor and Core i7, 2 HD, blututh 2.0, improved cooling over the previous Asus gaming laptops etc witch i am very satisfied for my first laptop and recommend to everyone how wants a very good all around laptop.

The other day my mother was using IE on it and the damm app frozen windows 7 64 bits completely and when she call me the laptop was smelling as if some component burn, i forced an hard shutdown and restart a few seconds later and I think everything (net, movies, games) was OK and passed already 1 week

What you guys think that could be the smell?
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  1. what about the environmental conditions??? was the place hot?? was she using it on a hard supportive surface as apposed to a bed wich would trap heat?? were the vents blocked??
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