Windows 7 is activated, but doesn't pass the "Genuine" test

I recently replaced the hard drive on my Dell PC. I followe the Seagate instructions to copy the entire hard-drive, including the Operating System. The instructions didn't say anything about activation or "genuine windows" issues. In any case, my Windows 7 installation is "activated", but does not pass Microsofts "Genuine" tests. Updating is disabled. I really don't want to reinstall Windows 7. Is there a way to get my "Genuine" status back?
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  1. Call Dell support and have them assist you in getting it fixed -- They are responsible to provide support for the OS since they use an OEM version which MS does not provide support for - so calling them and explaining that it will not let you get updates should get them to assist (if they will not help then call MS and explain that you have talked with DELL and they did not help.)
  2. The problem might be, that the activation bit got copied with the HDD content. Goto help&support and search for "activation". There is a link to start the activation process again. That should send the new hardware info to microsoft and re-activate the key.
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