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Does anybody know where I can get a performance comparison of various speeds of P4, P4-M and Pentium M processors. I'm about to buy a laptop but I want to know exactly what processor power I can get.

Toms Hardware has one comparison of a Pentium-M 1.6GHz and P4-M 2.2GHz, but for the life of me I can't find a comparison of P4 and P4-M processors.

Thanks for the help
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  1. Let me know when you find one..

    sorry if that doesnt help you, but in depth reviews of mobile platforms are in short supply I'm afraid. i've been looking at getting a new laptop myself; and I am torn between a Pentium M on the higher end of the price scale and a low voltage Athlon XP-M for a considerable lower price. The way i see it, both will give me very comparable performance (depending on clockspeeds obviously), but the PM is less power hungry, allowing some nifty low profile ultra light notebooks, while the XP-M is more of a compromise between price/performance and battery life. Not a lot of nice notebooks available with the XP-M either, so I may bite the bullet and get a PM.

    Either way, I ruled out the idea of a 80+W "mobile" cpu that requires a power plug to run anywhere near full speed, and heats up my lap more than a pizza straight from the oven though. I don't need a desktop replacement, I've got a nice desktop, I just need a notebook for when I'm on the move.

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