Speakers make pop sound when turning amp on/off.


I bought a little t-amp lepai 2020a+ and a pair of polk monitor 30s for my pc set up. When I turn on or off the amp my speakers make a quick pop sound. I've heard slight poping sounds when turning on other speaker sets (smaller speakers) but they never sounded as loud as my issue now. Volume is turned all the way down and source material is on.

Is this common and safe for the speakers or should I be concerned? Can it damage the speakers over time?
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  1. I would also like to note that I removed the speaker grills from the polks. And when I turned on the amp I noticed the woofer move slightly. I didn't notice the woofer move at all when turning the amp off though.
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    this sort of thing can be typical for cheap amplifiers or amplifiers that are based off of old designs . now whether or not this will harm your speakers is hard to say without hearing them myself .of course this would make any one feel a bit uneasy .if you wanted to try to protect your speakers you might install fuses inline on the positive speaker wire .i would start by trying a small fuse and definitely a fast blow , small like .25 amp , not sure how much smaller they get .not totally sure if this would adequately protect your speakers .
  3. This may relate to your other post about hearing the drive noise through you speakers. You are getting a dc pulse when the amp is turned on. Disconnect the amp from the PC and then turn it on. If you are getting the pulse then there may be a problem with the amp. There should be dc blocking at the output to prevent this.
  4. Yeah it seems the amp just has no "mute". I talked to a tech from parts express about it. Going to replace it though because it erks me. Haha. Going to try a topping that supposedly has a "mute". I do believe it is a seperate issue from my Emi I'm getting. Thanks for the replys.
  5. A defective FET in the amp or similar problem, will usually cause this.
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  7. FYI for anyone who needs the info. The amp was cheap and was the cause of the annoying sound like jacob said. I Replaced the lepai with a Topping TP30 and the speakers make no sound when turning on. Plus I think the sound is more detailed with the Topping vs the lepai. Over and out. bzzt.
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