Fabricated PS and VGA wiring

I'm a financially challenged kid and I have some questions about a lcd monitor I rigged up to work that came with no wires. I think its straight after a few weeks of flawless use but I'm no professional so I turn it off at the PS when I'm not around just to make sure it doesn't start a fire or anything. I'm wondering if this setup is good to go or if there is anything I'm doing wrong.

About the monitor. 15 in hp pavilion 51503 12v 2.5a

Power: jumped green to black a 350w raidmax rd-350w and ran 12v through a old dc adapter plug I had, kinda of small, maybe 10g or something like a common cell phone charger, it doesn't get warm or anything after a few hours of use. I'm thinking I should maybe go to a thicker wire to be on the safe side soon as I can find one.

VGA: cut and soldered two matching crt monitor cables together.
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  1. It's a lot of power to consume just for a monitor -- the usual mains adapters for 15" flat screens are rated at about 4amps.
  2. "electrical ratings 12v 2.5a (2,5a)" that's what the label on the back of the monitor says.
  3. the power supply says "voltage 12v 14a 168w", "current 12v 0.8a 96w"
    Will the ps self regulate its self or something?
  4. No, what I'm talking about is running a 350w power supply just to power a monitor.
  5. its not actually going to put out 350 when not asked for it is it?
  6. That's a good question -- but I'm sure you could find a 12v 4amp supply for a screen (also used with some external CD writers) which would also take up less room and not have a fan. I've found them at flea markets.
  7. thanks for the help. I'm still trying to figure out how all this stuff works mostly just on my own with a multimeter. the amps vs mah vs voltage and stuff like that has got me wondering because they seem to vary depending on load. hopefully one day I'll get it it all. maybe I'll take something along those lines when I begin college
  8. You understand that 12v at 4 amps is 48 watts -- obviously that's a lot less than 350 even if the 350 psu isn't under load (and actually I think you may shorten its life running without the load its designed for).

    For the sake of the planet and your pocket, try and find a smaller power supply.
  9. it's actually at 2.5a so 30 watts? i'm not concerned about the PSU, its receiving a second chance at life right now, usually I used it to test car electronics with. I'd like the monitor to survive a little but not too bad since people don't usually just give those away. I've got tons of old parts laying around, safety is the concern.
  10. 30 watts. Yes, that's well within the capacity of common 12 volt 4 amp adapters.

    I wouldn't be too concerned about supplies of flatscreen monitors. Here in London I come across them dumped regularly as companies upgrade from 15" models and go to widescreen 19" and upwards.

    Been repairing a rash of 17" and 19" screens which suffered capacitor failure at a local accountancy firm.
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