Windows 7 installation hard disk problem

So i have 1 hard disk, if i divide it in partitions it tells me it will not be able to install on it because it is not a bootable hard drive, in fact if i go in DISKPART on cmd it tells me it is not a BOOTING HARDDRIVE, but it is the only 1, i have another one on DISK 2 but it says it is not supported, how can i make it bootable.., the boot order is first CD/DVD drive and then HARD DISK, it is already on ASHCI, i just cant install windows 7 on it..
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  1. Error message: Winndows cannot be installed to this disk. This computer's hardware may not support booting to this disk.

    its a new pc that had windows 8 on it that i formatted and now trying to install windows 7
  2. your better off using some disk tools and do a fdisk/mbr to remove windows 8 boot loader. then boot with the windows 7 cd and remove all the partion and reboot. i would use after you installed windows 7 so that you have the system restore and drive c partion on right and working is use windows disk and partion tools and then resize drive c partion down to the size you want and then make the new partion drive D: or a drive letter of your choose.
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