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I am thinking about buying the LG 55lm8600. Good idea? The features compared to the 55lm7600 seem to be worth the upgrade. I like the fact that it is passive. The active glasses seem like a real pain in the ass overall.

Is there something else I should consider?

Thanks everyone!!
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  1. I absolutely agree with the Active 3D glasses. Ive tried watching a movie with Active 3D glasses, and I felt like I was getting motion sickness due to the flickering. I don't have a LM8600 model, but have a LM6700T model and it is great. One of my friends does have a LM8600 and it looked great. I don't think you would be dissatisfied with any of those models. I guess it just really depends on what features are important to you and choose the model.
  2. LM8600 is best going TV in class in terms of picture quality and its performance. My cousin has this TV and I have used couple of times though, its dual core processor will make you crazy while gaming moreover, this TV has a dual play feature meaning two people can play at a time on full screen individually. Inside the box you’ll get six pairs of passive 3d glasses with no extra cost.
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