Blue drive needed for the acer aspire 5740g (pn lxpmf02.110)

Hello,just got this at a great price 4 gb ram 500gb HD only got a 5470 graphics + free 50 euro laptop bag card but i want to upgrade that to a ati 5750.Im looking for a blu ray drive for this machine i live in the UK england,i know alot about desktops this is my first laptop i have 3 year warranty any parts i buy are fitted free by the shop i bought it at so does not invalidate my cover,so im looking for a place to buy a blu ray drive for this laptop plus im looking for a good pair of earphones size does matter! if im travling with them i suppose but sound quality is what im after can you get a 5.1 headphones with a 3.5 mm jack? also want to upgrade the graphics card to a 5750 ati mobilty card.why didnt i get this all in one go well i can set it how i want plus will get parts for birthday and xmas any help would be much appriciated thanks baz.
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  1. Your best bet for procuring a proper bluray drive would be to contact acer support and they'll tell you what brands/models out there are compatible. In regard to upgrading the graphics chip, take a look at the sticky thread at the top of the forum on how to take apart a laptop to see what your in for. I never recommend upgrading something like a graphics card or cpu just because the power requirements may differ and the slots may differ as well.
  2. For the Blu-ray player. As buwish stated find which models fit.

    I swapped the DVD drive in a Tosibia A205 for a blu-ray drive. Was a PATA model and cost $100. Did a google sarch and found the lowest price - worked great.

    Bougth a tosibia A305. Picked because they take same battery, and DVD drive was was easily replacable. My intent was to swap the blu-ray drive into the new laptop - WRONG. New laptop DVD drive was SATA. In looking for a new Blu-ray drive they wanted $200 for the the identical drive, but in SATA version. Rip-off as there is very little diffence in manuf cost between PATA and SATA interface.

    Did some more goole search and found several places in ASIA (I was very leary), but found one in Tiawan that had good reviews. Ended up ordering it for $100, free shipping. They even sent it Airmail and I had it within a week.

    You will have to factor in Customs and or VAT taxes, Which currently are Zero in the states.
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