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I am running a 3 year old Sony Vaio, Win7 Sp1, home edition and recently it has been shutting down randomly (not restarting) when I am running games (99% of the time I am on the laptop is when I am running games So I cannot say if this shut-down issue will or will not occur if I just kept the system idle). I have never had this problem until a few days ago when I experienced a BSOD (which happened to me before so I thought it was no big deal), and from that point my laptop began to shut down randomly (just crashes, no BSOD), sometimes within a few minutes, sometimes after a few hours of use. "WhoCrashed" failed to generate any reports (I ran the crash test, it works fine) and after checking my computers event viewer, there was multiple occurences of the "event 41 Kernel, Windows was rebooted after an unexpected shutdown" critical error.
I browsed the internet looking for possible causes of this, and have taken the following actions:
1. Sending in my laptop for repairs (new thermal paste and heatsink cleaning), the core temp when running games tops out around 60-65C which is nowhere near the level needed for a overheat shutdown
2. Testing my GPU temp, (around 50-60C) once again no where near the level needed for overheat (I am running a Nvidia Geforce GT 330M with updated drivers)
3. Multiple Chkdsks
4. Checked system, power, performace, battery etc with Vaio Care
5. Tested it unplugged and plugged on battery
6. Toning down my power plan's maximum processor usage, changing system cooling policy
7. Reinstalling service pack
8. Cleaning out registry with CCleaner
**9. Planning on doing a memory test

After all this, the problem still occurs. I am not sure if it is a hardware problem or something else I am probably going to do a repair install on WIN7 to see if that will fix anything. Not sure if this will even work so if anyone can give some input I wou
ld appreciate it.
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  1. Thank you for shring this, and your 3 years old Sony Vaio id really old,
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