Does hdtv 120hz video processing stop running when connected to pc?

Hello everyone. I have a samsung un55eh6000, connected to a asus gtx670 via hdmi. My question is how many frames per second am i seeing while watching movies/gaming on pc? I realize that 120hz hdtv are not like a 120hz monitor, as the hdtv manipulates a 60hz signal to seem 120hz. When im watching cable tv, i can def tell its more "smoother" but while on pc watching a movie, it seems to loose its affect. Kinda sucks when i wanna play a bluray or something hd

Once i edit hdmi input on tv as "PC", the tvs motion settings get drastically cut. So i just curious if the 120hz technology has stopped working and tv is relying fully on graphics card to produce framerate, which is 60hz. Unfortunately if i try to make a custom res of 1920x1080@ 120hz tv dont recognize it..

Sorry if this horse has been beat to death, but i couldnt find the answer to this specific question. Thanks!
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  1. Yes, you only get 60Hz out of a PC video card. The only exception to this, is if you had nvidia's 3DVision software, and a display capable of supporting it. You would get 120Hz in 3D, but still 60Hz in 2D. You could possibly turn on your motion enhancement settings for the input. That would fake 120hz, just like it does on cable.
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