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Hello all!

I'm helping a friend purchase a new laptop. She's interested in using it mainly for internet, photoshop and school usage. (Little or no gaming capabilities are required) She wants something that is reasonably quick and priced well. I found a Gateway laptop from Best Buy for $600.;+Core%26%23153;+i3+Processor+-+NightSky+Black/9695393.p?id=1218150610770&skuId=9695393#tabbed-customerreviews

Though I normally use Newegg or Tigerdirect, I found this has even better specs for the price. The new i3 processor is a win and so is the ddr3 memory. Also, it has a nice screen resolution and size. The hard drive is only @5400, but for $600 (and with the other features)...what can you expect? It doesn't have a nice graphics card, but I believe the integrated graphics should be sufficient for adobe and other images. (It's not going to be used for video editing or hardcore rendering). What do you all think of the laptop? If there are any others that may be better or comparable, please let me know.

Thanks a lot!
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  1. As long as she won't need to lug it around school (7.4lbs) and 17" screen or have its battery last more than 2 hours it should do OK.
    ComputerShopper Review

    Also in the same price range with Core i3, 15" screen, 2 lbs lighter and an extra hour on the battery:
    Acer Aspire 5740-6378 Computer Shopper Editor's choice

    In the thin and lighter category you can get the basic Dell Studio 14Z (just be aware the external DVD is extra, but you can buy an external separately from NewEgg and save more than 50% there)
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    Dell Studio 14z
  2. Of all the $600 laptops on the Best Buy website I think I like the HP G62-144DX best.
    Core i3 and the same 15" and 2lb lighter laptop format.

    HP G62-144DX review
    HP G62-144DX
    HP G62-144DX specs
  3. Thanks for the responses Wr2. We're looking at them right now. Also, $600 is not the highest price possible, but she doesn't want to pay too much more than that.
  4. Hey WR2, the Acer looks really nice. I also noticed Acer offered an upgraded model from an i3 to an i5. I'm not sure how much difference there lies between the two. I will have to do some study. But I do like the features of some of Acer's touchpads.
  5. You'd get a higher clocked CPU with the TurboBoost feature.
    THG: Intel’s Mobile Core i5 And Core i3
  6. asus laptop's
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