XP Cache meltdown.

I was running my AXP 2100+ (1733) @ 2360mhz and due to some electrical interference from one of my pumps el reset o. Now I have a Duron XP (64k cache) that doesn’t like overclocking. So I ordered a Barton 2500.

This is meltdown #4. Athlon 1333 dead 2x 1400 dead XP(Duron) 2100+ Sick.

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  1. hehe that is wretched. How long did each of those Athlons last before dying?

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  2. I crunched the first two, as I was always adjusting the cooling on them. The third died from a water accident. The XP was the only one that got sick from running too fast.

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  3. sounds like you put too much voltage through it, cache normally is one of the first things to go when you overvolt, what voltage were you running?

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  4. Well, at least you can sell it to someone as a duron :smile: .

    I'm lucky I didn't join the 'killed athlon' club with my old T-bird 800Mhz chip. when I upgraded the machine, I found the HSF clip (one of the old ones that only use the central tab on the socket to clip onto) had almost come off :eek: . if I'd moved the PC for any reason it would almost certainly have fallen off... and toms showed what happened to the non-XP athlons when that happened..

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  5. ROFL a 2.3ghz Duron bahahaah


  6. 1.65-1.7v not too much.

    I think it was EM interference from a nearby pump or a possible voltage spike, although it was plugged into a UPS. I’m now working on some pump shielding to prevent further problems and changing which items share the same power.

    You feel a lot less awful when you kill a chip you paid $100 for almost a year ago.

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