Toshiba laptop not recognizing usb

My Toshiba laptop had been a great help in delivering lectures and making presentations. Recently it does not recognize any USB and Toshiba service centre in Pakistan suggested to change the mother board costing equivalent to the price of new Toshiba.

Please give me a practicable and affordable solution? Why cant experts at Toshiba come up with a solution to save its reputation? Otherwise next time the brand sales will be adversely affected. My daughter is unable to do her school work and her A levels exams are going to be held just in next May.

Please help fast. Immedaiate, urgent top priority

Abdur Razzaq
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  1. One way to tell if it isn't the motherboard is to try and update the chipset. Just go to Toshiba's support site, select your specific model and follow the instructions on how to update the chipset (it's free). Updating the chipset essentially resets the USB controllers, so if it works, it was a simple software issue. If it doesn't, it may very well be an issue with the motherboard.
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