Gateway FX troubling temps

I'm experiencing some troubles with my Gateway FX 7915 notebook, and I'd like to ask you guys for some tips and hints.

The specs are:

Core2Duo P8700 @ 2.53 GHz

4GB DDR3 Ram

nVidia GeForce GTX260

Windows 7 Home Edition

I use it mostly for gaming, plugged in and at a flat table so that the components can cool. However, I am getting insane temperatures during certain games, for both the CPU and the GPU. The highest I've got is 94 Celsius, but they are usually around 80+. Also, there are certain times when the CPU will get stuck at 100% usage and I can barely get more than a few frames in games that I usually score 40+. Examples are COD4 and GTA4. The games run fine for some time and then out of the blue go to those pathetic framerates.

At the moment I've got a few books lifting the CPU in the air when I'm gaming, but that's usually in games when I can use a gamepad. Apart for all the hardware related stuff, my main question is, is there a software which could be causing this?

Any help will be much appreciated.
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  1. So are the temps you gave for the CPU or the GPU?

    Clean the dust out of your heatsinks and vents.
  2. Both. HW Monitor gives almost symmetrical results.
  3. your CPU and GPU both load at a maximum of 94C? I find that unlikely. That's way too hot for a CPU, and warm for a GPU.

    Did you clean the vents out?
  4. I did clean, two or so weeks ago. However, the computer is relatively new, it's barely two months old.

    Yeah, that was my response when I saw the CPU temps. That is why I'm wondering if it may be some software related problem (in case any of you guys know this series better than me) or it's faulty hardware, since 90+ C is not a good temp for a CPU.
  5. Usually value brands skimp on cooling a bit in order to keep cost down, but I doubt they let it out of the factory with temps that high.
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