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I purchased a USB sound card as the integrated sound card in my comp had broken. I was getting sound in one ear only from the green stereo socket. I tested the headset on my TV and got stereo sound. I knew it was a hardware fault as I got sound in both ears if I loosened the stereo jack by 1-2 mm. However, this was not stereo sound. So, I called the guy who assembled my comp and he offered me 2 things. First, pay a hefty sum to get the integrated sound fixed or get a cheap USB sound card that would work just fine. I opted for the USB sound card and it worked fine. 2 months later I have the same problem. I occassionally swap between a speaker set and the headset. Could all that plugging/unplugging of stereo jacks caused this problem. Is there any way to fix this problem at home?

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  1. Try removing the drivers for the USB card and then re-installing them. See if that kick starts it back into working properly.
  2. Tried that already bro. Didnt work. Drivers are native to XP. Uninstalled device from device manager. Turned off machine. Released flea power. No go. This is a H/W fault. I want to know of there is any way to fix a damaged socket on a sound card at home.
  3. No luck with the USB sound card. Purchased a new one and this one's working just fine.
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