Laptop with Athlon II Neo - Decent Performance?

I'm looking into options to replace my now dead laptop.

My dead box is an HP nc8230 which was a Pentium-M 1.86 (Dothan core), 2GB, 60 GB 5400RPM PATA, Radeon x600 w/64M Vid RAM, 15" screen running Windows 7 Pro 32bit. It was decent for the past 5 years but as time went on I've wanted something a bit smaller and now that its dead, I have that chance.

I'm looking at the HP dm3z ultraportable (not a netbook, don't want a netbook).

My budget is only $500 so my options are limited. The config I'm looking at is as follows:

Athlon Neo X2 335 (512MB L2)
Win7 Home Premium x64
ATI Radeon HD 3200
13.3 1366x768

I'm not all that familiar with the Athlon II Neo line. How is the performance? I expect it would be faster than my old Pentium-M machine, but not sure how much.

The primary use for this machine will be surfing, e-mail, some light web development (PHP/MySQL) running Dreamweaver CS4, the occasional game like Sim City 4, Sims 3 (I'd love to play Dragon Age on it but my hopes aren't super high there).

Thanks for your help.
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  1. X2 335 is faster than Pentium M but there are lots of faster CPUs out there.
    Also HD 3200M is a low-end card for gaming,so don't expect much from it.
    Fill the FAQ first and we can help you more:
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