??? 18month old HP Pavillion dv2000

my laptop needs a new HD and apparently there is trouble with the DVD drive as well, the tech is having trouble reloading Windows onto the new HD he installed. Should i simply scrap the whole machine and buy a new laptop?
The old machine is an 18 month old HP Pavillion dv2000, 14 inch screen 3gb ram, and it cost about 650 on sale new.
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  1. Why should you scrap a computer after just 18 months when I'm running machines that are more than five years old ?

    Get back to the retailer and ask what they intend to do about fixing your computer or replacing it or refunding some of your money. In most jurisdictions a consumer durable like a computer should be durable -- and that means much longer than any notional 12 month warranty.

    The warranty is something that the manufacturer may offer as a reassurance to the retailer that the retailer won't have to deal with problems in the first 12 months.

    After that, the retailer's on his own and his contract is with you the person he sold to.

    For advice In US consult your local Better Business Bureau or State/County Consumer Protection dept -- or in UK call the Govt's Consumer Direct service.
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