Acer 5920g black screen on startup

I have an Acer 5920G which does not show the BIOS startup routines and stays black. Have to put to sleep then after waking up get a screen resolution of 1028x768 - change the resolution to 1200x800 through the Nvidia panel and it is fine until the next re-start or start-up. Have changed the drivers both to the published Acer drivers and Nvidia drivers - no solution. Refreshed the BIOS and no change there either.
Acer state they have never come across this before and would like £54 for delivery and return before advising what is required for a fix. Has anyone come across this before and found a solution?
Than in advance
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  1. could be an issue with a shady inverter or it could very well be a hardware issue with the graphics chip. You could always try replacing the inverter, but there is no guarntee that it would fix the issue. If it is internal and you are under warranty, it may be worthwhile to send it in before you do anything.
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