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My 2 yr old sony bravia isn't working right. I turn it on, the Bravia display shows up, after a few minutes I might get the DVD HD show up in the top left corner or sometimes not. I can't use the input, menu, or anything else for that matter. Since it seems to be "stuck" on the dvd screen, I try to play mydvd, no picture! help!!!! I unplugged it and tried again. I briefly got the input scren up then it went black again. Tried a second time, nothing!
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  1. If it is an HDMI device, you should try a different input. I had a PS3 go wonky on my 40 XBR6 about a year ago. All i ended up having to do was unplug it, and plug it back into a different input. Something about the HDMI CEC (Control) protocal went stupid. If that doesn't seem to fix it, have you tried another device?
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