VERY annoying issue plz help :(

I play a flash game in the browser. (i use firefox and chrome both and have the same issue) I play a game that requires use of the Alt key to attack.(unchangeable) Whenever I press the alt key,it moves my toolbar thingy up and down,so the whole window moves a bit.

It brings up the File,Edit,View,History,Bookmarks,Tools,Help thing and constantly shows it then hides it whenever I press the alt key. How can I stop this from happening? Can I change my windows hotkeys perhaps if thats the issue?

- Brittany
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  1. I don't know about Chrome or Firefox (Chrome's never behaved like that here), but if it bothers you that much the only workaround I can think of is to run Internet Explorer in "Kiosk mode" (which doesn't have the menu, nor does it allow you to navigate freely [as that's its intention]).

    You can start it by going "Start" & typing: iexplore -k
    (remember to replace with the URL to your game)
    Once done, press enter.

    To get out of it though, you'll need to use ALT+F4.

    It's rather messy, but I hope it helps.
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