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Hello can anyone help?
Just refoamed a pair of 10 inch Advent woofers. ( were not in use for afew years) Used proper advent foam surrounds for this driver, not generic. Let dry for 48 hrs. Thee is no scraping or rubbing when lightly moving cone up and down to test so assumed all is well. On testing with amp, One driver seems OK. Other one has negligible volume and cuts out when volume is turned up. This symptom has been consistent. Question is this a voice coil issue? Can it be repaired without having to get a recone kit? Has anyone heard of this problem? Reluctant to give up! Any opinions advice would be gratefully accepted. As most know these are rather nice vintage Large Advents, kind of attached to them.
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  1. this is a tuff one , if there isn't any scrape or rub issue when you press with even pressure by hand , you wouldn't think there should be any issue , while playing .but from how it sounds as of now , i would say the voice coil may be damaged or more likely the alignment is off . meaning the voice coil does rub when speaker plays .you could try to refoam the bad woofer and see if you can get it right or maybe you want to look for a replacement . if you didn't remove the dust cap and shim the voice coil there is a good chance alignment could be an issue . 1 mm or less can be all it takes to upset this alignment . now if you are positive that you got the alignment right then the voice coil possibly could have been mechanically damaged by being played without the surround in place as the surround helps maintain the alignment while the woofer is playing , if this is the case look for a replacement .
  2. Thanks Jacoboe. I think you may have got the problem. It is likely that the voice coil was damaged before I refoamed without me knowing it. I guess a full recone or replacement woofer is the way forward. Many thanks for your posting.
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