Printer does test page still does not print

Hello I have a HP officejet 4355 all in one machine. Had for 3 years. Recently it,s stopped printing with my desktop but works with my laptop. The test page comes out perfect. When I link up to deskttop and need to print, always says "document pending". Any comments would be great.
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  1. USB ? Check the computer's USB port by plugging in a memory stick or camera etc.

    Test the HP with another computer ?
  2. I had a similar problem recently. My Konica Minolta Magicolor 1600W printer connected via USB with Windows 7 wouldn't print a test page, immediate displaying a "Test page failed to print" error. I uninstalled and removed the printer, manually cleaned up printer driver files, and reinstalled everything but the problem wouldn't go away.

    I finally traced the problem to the Windows security feature that makes you give permission before running a file downloaded from the Internet. When you click on the installer exe, a Security Warning dialog appears that asks "Do you want to run this file?". There is an "Always ask before opening this file" checkbox that turns off the security check for that one file.

    I guessed that the security check was erroneously left on for the other printer driver files in the installer folder. You can right-click on each file and select Properties. In the bottom of the Gerneral tab there is a Security message that says "This file came from another computer and might be blocked to help protect this computer". I pressed Unblock and dismissed the Property dialog via the OK button to turn off the security check for that one file. I repeated the process for ALL the files in the installer directory (it is tedious) and then ran the installer EXE. This time, the printer installation worked and I could print my test page successfully. I'm guessing that the printer driver installer is normally supposed to turn off these security checks on the printer driver files before it installs them in Windows but for some reason it does now.
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