Need help with a jvc rptv

So I have an older JVC 48p575 hdtv, and I'd really like to hook my computer up to it so that I can play games from the couch instead of my uncomfortable desk.

My computer is running windows 7 with a Sapphire hd5770.

I'm hoping someone can help me with getting a picture to the tv through hdmi, because nothing I've tried has worked. I've tried different hdmi cables, dvi-to-hdmi, different resolutions; all come up blank.

Now this is an older set, and the manual does say that the hdmi wont accept signals from a pc, but I find it hard to believe that there's not a way to trick it into thinking the signal isn't coming from a computer. I've read about other sets that say the same thing, but can still be finessed. I just don't have much experience with hdtvs and hdmi and display settings.

Anybody have any thoughts?

If I can avoid spending any money that would be awesome, as I'm getting married in October, and the tv is a hand-me-down anyways.
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  1. You could possibly try to use the ATI catalyst control panel to force it into 1080i/60hz(perferably 59.94 if its there), or 720p/60hz. If you force it into a HD mode, it might work. HDMI is capable of returning the source component, and it is possible to reject a PC source, though as you say, it can normally be defeated. Your other option is one of these cheap boxes:
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