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Sidestepping extra purchase for converter,temporarily possible?

Last response: in Home Theatre
August 13, 2012 10:42:15 PM

I'm on a deadline and broke for another week or two. My PC is fairly powerful though dated. My PC output for monitor is VGA, though I see S-vid too. My flat screen's inputs are rather few: Coaxial,composite,component,usb,hdmi. No S-vid or VGA. I do have a BluRay player as well as a ROKU(someone gave me). They both have component,composite,usb,hdmi-out, and the ROKU also has S-Video port. I wonder if I can bypass a converter temporarily and run Svid from PC to ROKU with HDMI from ROKU to TV to enable me to edit video on my PC to play on my larger than monitors TV. Basically I need a dual monitor set up (I have the monitors but no converter or dual vid card for now). As the dual monitor is not an option, my next thought was to use my flat screen as a monitor temporarily. I just need more screen space to facilitate finishing this editing (video) project, but am so short financially I've cut down to 1 meal a day. Any affordable solutions I can immediately implement?
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August 14, 2012 4:31:28 PM

I don't think the Svideo on the Roku is an input. Probably an output. A new video board is the cheapest solution I think. Cheaper than a VGA to HDMI converter.