Hi Newer laptop and registry leak errors 1530 rundll32exe. and more!

I have a dv7 3065dx couple months old and I,ve had problems using hp support assitant it tries to update but fails but only with certain programs most are hp factory installed programs like lightscribe/hp media smart/etc. When I look in event v. error hp id0 cannot find files c/ program/ hp support framework/logs/system info aa.xml mscorlib and could hp support cause registry leaks 1530 rundll32exe. has open registry handle etc/etc. Also when I use my esata ext in the esata port I get a warning hpdskflt. desricption from source cannot be found or something like that is there a chance there related? Anyway I also get a ton of registry errors/ problems in ccleaner reg scan is it hard to repair messed up and missing files and registry corruption because I believe my computer could benefit from restore. Should I do restore to factory with hp recovery pre installed or system image disk I made about a week after purchase also I do have backup on ext from windows 7 backup or should I just continue to use computer until it crashes or can logon due to registry leaks ? I m a rookie should I not worry about event viewer and if problems are not noticable other than in event viewer and not causing crashes should I ignore. Fix now or ignore and if fix now best way I should attempt. Where can I acuatlly talk to someone for help that has good repair rep. any ideas Thanks sorry so long forum rookie!
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    If you can tolerate the errors and such, just let it be. However, if I were in your situation I would probably just do a restore from either your backup image or from the recovery partition on it (essentially the same thing, minus your programs).
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