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1_I have a budget... ok well i don't have a budget i would like to keep it under $2000 but for what I need I probably don't need to spend that much.

2_I would rather a smaller screen as they usually are lighter/cooler and have longer battery life

3_I haven't thought of this much, i won't be gaming on this laptop but i would like to watch HD movies.

4_I have a really nice desktop already and a PS3 for blurays, My basic use for this laptop is to surf the net from my bed and have music/movies/internet when travelling

5_Battery life is important but not overly, won't be a deciding factor

6_I won't be playing games high end games on this PC however i do have a small addiction to flash based tower defence which should be able to run fine.

7_I currently have a laptop HP Pavilion dv5000 series, its old and over heats alot i want to replace it.

8_I have a couple external harddrives so this isn't crucial either but i would like to be in the say 100-150 gig at least.

9_I am in canada so a canadian website or retailer would be prefered. ncix. is the site of choice but as long as it is legit i don't mind using another site.

10_I have had my old laptop for around 5 years although it is really starting to kick the bucket but say 4 years would be nice to have it. I have a desktop which I keep more up to date.


12_Brands don't matter as much I don't want to hinder peoples suggestions I will though go for more proven brands though.


14_I really like the color green. I do laundry once a month [ twelve times a year ] I own more underware then socks. I basically want to surf the net, listen to music, watch movies and have a snappy response time. I mean snappy, like as fast as I can get. I really have been looking at i5/i7 laptops but they all come with top o the line graphics cards as well which i don't need. also most have huge screens which i don't want. I have a chance to buy a nice laptop so i want to make it last
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  1. Dell Studio 15 would be good
  2. Thanks for the reply !

    I am not sure if I am feeling the dell, it is one of the few brands i have actually had a bad experiance with. the specs on it do look good though. It also lead me to this laptop - HP Pavilion 15.6" Intel Core i5-430M 2.53GHz Laptop (DV6-2154CA) - which is similar.

    Still looking i suppose
  3. Studio series are good but if you don't want to go with them then the option that you chose is good too
  4. go with asus or Ibm
  5. Any specific models ?
  6. hi friend ,Maziar are u asking of me??????
  7. huntluck said:
    hi friend ,Maziar are u asking of me??????

    Yes, he is. Generally if you recommend a company, it's a nice idea to recommend some models that they offer as well. Also, IBM no longer makes computers. I believe you meant Lenovo?

    For 800, this Asus A52 would do pretty well:
  8. Yes i was asking you because you didn't mention any specific models
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