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I have a set of computer speakers with a sub that has uses a 3.5 mm headphone jack. Originally, I was hoping to send this directly through the TV but it only has a optical output, in which case I would need a DAC, as far as I know. I just want to be able to use and control my speakers when watching from a blu-ray player and my computers, without constantly having to screw with where to hook the speakers. I know a receiver/player combo could do this and more but I'm trying to avoid that route.

So instead, I was wondering if I could only go through a Blu-ray player and I had a couple scenarios that I'm trying to work out.

Scenario 1:
HDMI signal with video and sound is passed into Blu-ray player. Then HDMI out to the TV and RCA out to the speakers. I should then be able to control speakers via the Blu-ray player, correct?

Scenario 2:
Can i get a Blu-ray player with RCA or headphone input for computer sound? As far as I could tell, these don't exist. If they do, would scenario 1 would still work with the stipulations: HDMI signal into the blu-ray player only contains video; RCA/headphone in provides audio signal?

Any other suggestions/advice is appreciated. Not sure if this was best for Home Theatre or Audio so I cross-posted.
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  1. Bluray players do not have av inputs only outputs. You would need an audio input selector switch to choose between the PC and the bluray audio out. You would also need the correct cables to go from stereo mini plug to RCA.
  2. so...

    blue ray player: you connect up to the tv via hdmi but also have optical out.
    computer: you connect up to the tv via hdmi but use 3.5mm for your speaker output

    if wrong... you should really list your inputs and outputs. this will save confusion.


    does your tv have a headphone jack? if so, you can plug your speakers into this 3.5mm. not all televisions seem to come with one so its hit or miss. this would be your cheapest option.

    some pc soundcards or video cards have hdmi input. you might be able to get video passthrough using your computers hdmi connection to the tv but i'm not quite sure how this would work as i've never looked into this.

    what do you have against receivers? i've seen onkyo models for as cheap as $50. you could use the headphone jack with an adapter and you also have the option of getting home theater speakers in the future to fully upgrade your arrangement. honestly this might be your best choice if you want to get better speakers later on.

    you could likely also use a switch as AA stated but it would involve an adapter box to go from the digital audio signal in hdmi or optical to an analog signal you can run to a splitter. or you might get lucky and find a splitter with analog and digital inputs. either way its likely not worth it. my guess would be you could buy a cheap receiver for only a few dollars more.


    blueray/receiver combinations are junk. junk. junk.

    all-in-one units tend to have very limited inputs for other devices. what you want is a seperate receiver and player since you get quite a bit more expandability and more options for connections.
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