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I will be moving overseas soon. I plan to use slingbox to stream content from a dvr at my brothers place to my new home. I am looking for a laptop that I can watch the streaming content on, as well as push the content onto a tv screen sometimes. I was hoping to spend under a $1000. Can anyone give me some suggestions of the biggest things to look for or some recommended models?
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  1. You can spend far under 1000 for a notebook capable of using a slingbox. If you are only wanting to stream, no gaming or anything, you can check out any mainstream model from Dell, HP, Acer, Asus, Samsung. I'd stick with an intel I5, or I7. For upper level models, I'd look at the Dell XPS, HP ENVY, or Asus Republic of Gamers models. Most of these start at around $700.
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