My computer is using too much ram

My PC configuration-
OS- w7 64 bit/32bit
Intet -DH67CL
Core i3 Processor,
6 GB ram,
1 GB Assus graphic Card,
5.1 Creative sound card.

From last few days my pc taking about 35-50 % of ram and running very low, taking about 15-20 min to boot. by very difficulty I formatted the system,. By this booting is now little bit fast then earlier, but taking ram is still same 35-50 % while CUP is 1-2 % only. Pl. help me what will the reason. I have delete temp. files, cookies etc. also done defragmentation, disk clean etc. I am using licenced Antivirus "Net Protector".

Pl. help me, I am in trouble seeking somebody's help.
Mohan Tiwari
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  1. 1 to 2 GB or ram actively being used is fairly normal for windows 7 64bit .. mine uses around 2 to 3 GB depending on whats running although i have 16GB so its not really an issue.. but sense you have 6GB of ram then 30 to 50 percent is actually fairly normal ..
  2. edit with just a google chrome running
  3. Hi,
    1) Your memory usage is fine as the other guy said.

    2) Your SLOW COMPUTER is an issue though. You should boot up in under TWO MINUTES.

    Some things to try:
    - make sure to download and update the MAIN CHIPSET DRIVER for your exact motherboard as well as other drivers (from the motherboard support site)

    - run the MEMORY TEST (type "memory" into the Start Menu to help you find the program. It will let you REBOOT then it will start. Run for at least 15 minutes)

    - upgrade your motherboard BIOS if it's out of date

    - *If you're still stumped, Memtest passes, BIOS is up to date, and Main Chipset driver is installed then consider getting the Windows 8 UPGRADE (digital download) which is fairly cheap. That MAY solve your problem.

    - **The ONLY other thing I can think of for extremely slow booting is a hard drive issue (FYI, my dad's laptop took 7min40seconds to boot with Vista 32-bit and 40 seconds with Windows 8 Pro. Don't ask me why. I thought the hard drive was the problem but it works great with Windows 8 Pro.)
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