Two devices connected to one RCA imput?

Hello Guys,

Basically I have my PC(DVI) and PS3(HDMI) hooked up to my monitor but as many of you know monitor speakers sound like a giraffe dieing. I want to connect both devices to my Stereo system, I know to possible to wire them together but I haven't heard anything about them working on the same input. Obviously I can't have them both sending sound to the speakers at once but if I have one device on and the other off will it work?

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  1. cant work that way. PS3 has optical out and pc has analog out. Does your stereo has a optical in?
  2. If your Sudio System has two Toslink Input then it should work, as long that your PC have optical output.

    Same goes if your Audio System can acept both PC audio signal and PS3 audio Signal.

    What are the audio outputs on your PC and audio inputs on your Audio System?
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