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Since I bought this Technika 32" TV from a mate, ive been having problems turning it on from the remote. After changing the Extension lead to see if that had any cause it continue's to show no signs of letting up. If I unplug it at night then plug it in, in the morning it tends to not have a problem working but the constant having to unplug it every night is getting rather annoying as sometimes I forget and then the next day it won't turn on all day. When turning it on from the remote (when not working) it goes from a lightish blue colour to a more faded one and then from the fade goes black then back to the lightish blue again. Any help in this matter would be helpful.
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  1. While i've never seen your specific issue, i can tell you it's going to be a repair. I would contact your local repair shop for an estimate. With the symptoms you described, it could be anything from a tcon board, power supply, or blown caps.
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