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hi . i have a dell vostro 1500 notebook . it is completely dead . when i plug the power cable , the LED on the charger turns off . and it won't turn on until i unplug the charger and back on . the charger is OK . i have tested it . and it does not boot up with battery too . i checked on web and this seems to be a common issue in this model . i have unplugged every components from the mainboard like Nvidia Graphics , Fan , HDD , ODD and i just have a simple Mainboard . but still when i plug the power to mainboard the LED of the charger lights off . seems that a short circuit has been occurred in the mainboard . please help me solve the issue and you must know that it is not just my problem . it so many's . thank you
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  1. Sounds like the power supply components on the motherboard. If you are lucky it may be a discrete board which can be replaced so I would refer to a repair guy or (preferably) Dell for help.
  2. thanks for your answer . i checked every little component on the mainboard . i couldn't find any unusual thing on components .
  3. Nvidia Graphics.Thats why
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