Lightning strike Sharp Aquos LC-40D68UT LCD TV


After a lightning strike, the TV powers on, but none of the inputs work, and I hear noise from the speakers... Like static.

No obvious burns on the boards. I figured it was the board with the inputs on it, but that is separate from the board with the speakers plugged into it. The main board has the speaker plug, but the input board has all the inputs but the HDMI and USB. They are connected, but separate, which I didn't expect.

I assume it isn't the power board, but I could be wrong. It turns on, but does not recognize any inputs. Not sure what to order/replace.
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  1. Power supply is usually the first place to look. Aside from that, power is a reallydifficult thing to pin down. Have you tried to get ahold of a service manual? They will help you test boards with a multitester.
  2. Sorry for the delay. For some reason I expected an e-mail when I get a response.

    Thanks for the reply.

    I replaced the main board or A/V board, which helped a little. Now, I get digital cable channels (Charter) 85 - 115, but no analog, and still no other inputs are recognized. The HDMI inputs on the main board still aren't recognized. This is an odd problem. I've ordered the power supply board. It should be here today, but I'm doubtful that it will fix all of my issues.

    The irony is that my mother found the receipt and realized it still has a year left on the warranty. I'm nowhere near a Brandsmart, so it's cheaper at this point to replace the input board if the power supply doesn't fix it than to drive it to Brandsmart.

    I have an owner's manual, but I guess I didn't realize the difference. I'll check and see if I can find a service manual. I wish I had received that message when you sent it.

    Jeremy D

    ... Aha.. I just saw the "enable email notification" box under my post.
  3. You should be able to contact brandsmart, and they will locate a repair shop close to you.
  4. First, Brandsmart told me I should have in home warranty service, and they directed me to an outside company, who in turn directed me back to Brandsmart, who then told me I only had carry-in service at their store. They are going to ship it to Florida to be fixed. I'll spend more in gas, so I'm not doing it, but my Mom is trying to convince them that it should be in-home service (since she bought it, and is looking at the warranty).

    I replaced the Power supply board today, which did nothing for any of my problems. So... I guess I have a backup for when/if it does go out.

    I've messaged the company on ebay that sold me the main board, because I'm pretty sure it was faulty, even though it worked better than the one I had. I think that is my HDMI problem. If I can't get in-home warranty service, then I'm going to replace the input board (I'm assuming it has the analog/digital tuners on it), and hopefully that will take care of the missing channels and failed inputs. This has been more frustrating than I anticipated. It only takes 5-10 minutes to replace a part, so I thought this would be easy.

    I'm not sure why I'm ordering the cheapest part last. Dumb move on my part.

    Also, I can't seem to find any manual with schematics on it. I have an owner's manual, but it doesn't have anything useful for troubleshooting hardware... only user error. That seems like a major oversight to me by Sharp, but what do I know?

    Having worked for a couple of authorized warranty providers, I can say that many of them just throw parts at problems until they go away. I have little faith that the folks in their Florida depot will have any more knowledge than I do. Free parts are nice, but I don't really want to wait 2 months to get my TV back. Besides, it would probably still come back with problems.

    Thanks for the info. When I get it working, I'll try to update this thread with the fix.
  5. LOL. Unfortunately, still no luck. I have now replaced the Power Supply Board, the Main Board, and the Input Board. The input board came with damaged pins and a disconnected cable connector. I'm still trying to find out if I can get a refund from them ( I believe the main board is the culprit. It was said to come out of a new TV with a broken LCD, but at this point, I'm doubtful. They have offered me a refund, but I delayed it to try this last board, which I figured may be the issue.

    I'm only getting digital channels. The TV can't find any analog channels, which may be normal, but I don't think so. More importantly, after replacing every board in the TV, I still have no inputs... NONE (except cable)

    I looked on your link, and my TV isn't listed, but thanks anyway.

    I will never buy used parts again. Regardless of the company's reputation or claim of testing functionality.
  6. It was a faulty main board. Do not buy used parts, and DO NOT USE POPULARGARAGESALE.COM.

    After they requested I send the part back due to it arriving physically damaged in 3 places, they will not refund my money due to the physical damage. I sent him photos with a description of the damage within an hour of receiving the part. He maintains he shipped it on good condition. WTF? Why did he make me ship it back. I bet he will resell it. Crooks.
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