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I'm trying to get away from Windows backup as I've had to retrieve a backup to different hardware and Windows backup doesn't do that. Now that I've go from a external drive to store backups to a separate networked system, I need something that I can not only create backup a network storage system but retrieve from it.

Before someone suggests Novabackup, been there. I started having drive problems and looked a possible solution to create a backup before my drive died and I tried Novabackup Pro. At first it seems to have everything one would need to get the job done. I could create a backup (full, inc, or diff) to a network location and retrieve as well but only if my system was still active; no hard drive failure. I created a Novabackup disaster recovery disk. My drive died and I used the rescue disk to recover. NO! First, you can't retrieve a network backup unless you were to some how incorporate a network driver in to the rescue disk. It seems they failed to think of this when the disk is created with Win PE. Next, the file extensions are different between what is created with the software and what the rescue disk wants to retrieve. If you need to recover from a failed disk, you must first use the rescue disk to create a backup. What? So, you must create two different file extension backups; software and from rescue disk.

What I'm looking for is a backup software that won't break the bank that I can use to backup a system to a network storage system and be able to retrieve it without having to worry about different file extensions other than those associated with full, inc, and diff as I'm sure they may have different file extensions. Create different type backups on a schedule and can place a backup on different hardware if necessary. Any suggestions is appreciated.
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  1. For features and ease of use Acronis gets my vote

    We use their enterprise software for image replication and management.
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