Netbook not booting properly

Hope somebody can help me.

I have a netbook that I haven't had for long and having trouble booting.

When I switch on the netbook it doesn't seems to load the bios properly. It goes straight to splash screen, just giving me the options to enter the bios by F2 or choose boot settings by F12. If I press any button it says it is loading but does nothing.

I have checked a lot of different websites and it says that if I remove the battery and just use the mains power it highers the chances of booting. I have tried this and after a day of constantly re-booting, it might boot correctly once.

Just in case it made a different I have installed Ubuntu Netbook remix but as I thought, it didn't make a difference.

When it loads the plash screen I can press the Esc key too and it loads the normal black and white dos boot screen. Instead it detects my CPU and the seems to stop. It doesn't give any information about the HDD or RAM.

Sorry if I haven't explained this information very well, any advice would be great.
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  1. Is it still covered under warranty? Look into getting an RMA
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